June 6

BTN New icebreaker


1 Antarctica is the coldest place on earth

2 It is also the coldest place on earth

3 Australians began adventuring here in the 18th century


1 What is the second most coldest place on earth?

2 What makes it so cold?


1 What would it be like going to a cold desert like Antarctica on and icebreaker?

May 30

… in the flash of lightning I saw … 100 word challenge

In a flash of lightning, in a blink of an eye there it was right in front of me i stared at it for a few seconds and then i was pulled away by a tall figure. I toke a step back then looked back at the golden object sitting in the glass container. The man then picked me up like i was no less then a little pebble and put me back in the set and put the belt over me. Dad i say what was that for. I was looking at that wired blob over there.

May 23

BTN Toy guns


1 Playing with toy guns is a thing kids have been doing for a long time.

2 Kids would buy toy guns to copy what there favourite movie actors would do.

3 Recently a kid was show holding a toy gun in public which annoyed many parents.


1 Why should kids be able to play with toy guns at all?

2 Why don’t they just completely stop making toy guns?


1 What would happen if kids thought it was normal to have guns? They might mistake a fake one from a real one.

May 22

100 word challenge

I was just about to take a bite of my massive soft burger when some hands came out of no where. The hands moved around the table as if they where walking until they reached my burger the hands took hold of it and then a head appeared out of the table and took a massive bite of my burger. I jumped out of my seat and onto the floor. The hands and the head started to emerging  from the table leaving only its legs to come. It was in a suit. Like it was a famous person.

May 18



I walked over to the CROCODILE cage and a WIDE crocodile was laying on the floor. A tour guide walked past and was taking about the other one that died last year from when it was fighting another crock and it got a COLLAPSED lung. It was an ORANGE sky today and they gave the crocodile that killed it no food for a day. I think it was not its foult because it is sometimes the way of live and things need to die some day don’t they? Well i guess it is not for me to decide.

May 8



1 They are paying respects to the animals to

2 They had dogs to use as pretectors

3 They had special breathing masks for the dogs


1 Why did he choose a donkey as the thing to carry people?

2 What other animals did they use in the war


1 What would the war be like if it was last year?

May 8

100 WC

I just couldn’t eat it the slob of veggies and meat in a slushy. Mum says its a protein drink but to me it looks like someones vomit. I take a whiff and step back from the drink. A bubble comes up and pops. Mum gives one to dad to and dad looks at me then mum. I think he has the same idea as me. Get me away from this thing! Mum says drink up and she gulps it down and goes for seconds! I would rather have my own vomit than this thing!

May 8

100 WC

It was the best day of my life today! My favorite day! The day i get my dog. i have been wanting one ever since i saw one. There cute little fluffy tales and there long toungs jumping all over you and playing with you all day. My mum and dad came out with their hands behind there backs and i could hear something behind them and they bought there hands out but there was nothing there then on the ground i saw the dog! It was a fluffy small ball walking around on the floor! Thank you so much mum.

May 8

BTN Climate change


1 The boy is worried about climate change

2 he likes to come to the beach and relax

3 They want to sue Donald Trump because of him climate change rules


1 Why dose not everyone just go against Donald trump?

2 Why does Donald Trump make a good rule?


1 What would happen if climate change suddenly happened?