December 16

Goals for term 1-seventh piece

Work and study:


  • To learn to listen.
  • To Wright stores better.
  • To talk in front of a big group of people


List examples to show I am meeting my goal.


  • Look at how is speaking to me.
  • Put down everything I have in my hands.
  • Work with other people so I can learn what a parergrap is.
  • Read my righting with someone else.


Fun and friendship:


  • To help others if they are hurt.                                                                                              
  • To find other new friends if they are lonely.



List examples of things I could do to show I am trying to meet my goal.


  • To compliment people if they look good that day


List some things I would like to learn about this year to find more about our class.


  • To learn how to multiply and to tell the time more.
  • To learn more about our school.
  • To go to the science room.
  • To wright numbers up to ten thousands or millions.                                                              


December 16

The best animal in the world -sixth piece

I truly say that the rattle snack is the most interesting animal because they cannot eat for two to four week without eating. So if you have one as a pet you can give them food not a lot and hopefully the food will not be you.


Did you know that the end of a rattle snacks tael there is a rattle bit and the bone of your finger and it is made of the exact same thing!


When the Rattle snack rattles its tael it is warning that means look out or you’re going to step on me. And thisa little tiny wincey bit why I think rattle snacks are most interesting it the whole wide world.   


December 15

My Autobiography -fifth piece

Hi I am Josh I have three chickens one named playful one named Ziggy and one named eve.

I am eight years old. When I grow up would like to a very good soccer player because I love soccer and I also play in a soccer team could the Wight control comets. We are in the super league witch I got in this year. This year was grading year were they say how good you are and they put you in a league.


 I also love swimming to .I am level five in my swimming levels. I started swimming lessons when I was five years old. My second favourite sport has to be swimming. Apishly when the water is warm!


At school my favourite subject is maths. I have a music instrument which is a trumpet, but I am still working on it because I just started playing this year. This year I have lots and lots of friends.   


 I have four people in my family me my mum my dad and my little brother Charlie. I really hope I will have a lot of friends as I go throe school.


I use to live in a different house. I have been to lots of places fare from where I live. They are china Thailand Fiji and Warrnambool.

 And that’s just a little bit about me.

December 14

Every on should learn to cook -forth piece in 2014

My mean argument is everyone should learn to cook because if it is early in the morning you could get breakfast without letting someone to do it for you. And that is a one of my reasons why I think everyone should learn to cook.

My second reason why everyone should learn to cook is if it is mother’s day or furthers day you can make them there breakfast, lunch or dinner any day you want. And that’s a little bit why I think everyone should learn to cook.

December 10

A Present! -3rd srory

Present time! I say . Who is ready to open the first present? We have to but it. BUY IT! Yes Josh we have to buy it. You can open it after the party has finished. We are going to Target, so get in the car or the shops might close. And you only have $50 and only buy one present. Ok I said to mum. Now go and pick you present.


Yes there is nothing left on the shelf and no one is here. just  a present siting on the top shelf. I go back to tell mum. I go back to get the present. It is not there. Now it is on the roof. I get it down by a nearby ladder. We go to buy it but no one is at the counter. No one was there. We check the cash and go to the car. ‘few’ just make it on time.

December 8

Swimming Carnival -second story

Ready set go. The siren went off we started swimming yes I was in the lead I heard my team chanting me on. I am fare ahead of the anther teams. Yes!

I came 1st.I was amazed. After I got my Ribena I went to my tawl and got

 Then I went to the contain I was starving the sausage was the best.

December 8

Christmas Day – first piece of 2014

Tomorrow was Christmas day.

So we went to bed early.                             

Then we woke up early so did mum and dad and also Charlie then we went into the living room were all of our presents where it`s very exciting.

After we looked at all of our presents we set up my laptop.    

IT took two days to set up. For breakfast I had pancakes and ice cream it was dashes I think my brother had the pancakes to.

And on Christmas Day we went to our consents it was rile fun there to.

Para was Santa because we can’t have real Santa!