March 22

100 W.C When the Connection Broke


What was that? I don’t know. I think it was the connection. That means we have to stay under the cover until the others come back. It’s too scary to go out there the monsters might come out! Yeah and they might eat us or maybe even take us to their king. I think I heard a monster. Shh it’s coming this way. Rahhhhh! Ahhhh! Haha. we got you this time, what, how is it only you guys? We played a prank on you. Then how do you explain the connection. We did it as well.

March 17

Constitution (BTN)


  • Constitution was drawn up in 1890’s
  • It was drawn up because Australia wanted to become a Nation
  • But  it did not treat everyone the same like the aboriginals


  • Why didn’t they just recognise the aboriginals in the first place so they didn’t have to change the rules?



  • When will they acknowledge the Aboriginals in the constitution?
March 15

Dear students of 5/6A (SRC)


I know and you know that if am and will be the best SRC member you will know

Firstly I am really good with not bossing people around but telling them how to arrange it or make it neat eg: in my room when it is mess always I can very easily make it.

Secondly I like to help when were doing something for the school eg: when the school fair comes I goanna help out with both fairy floss and spanakopita.

Thirdly I will come to all the meetings since I don’t do music or anything then GALA sports and winter sport and this.

If I get elected I will and am going to do the best job in all those things I just told you

March 9

100 WC Three men

Oh James! Oh Robert and Michael. What has it been? Ohh I don’t know, 50 years or so? So how have you been? Good! “I remember the time when we were only 17” said Michael. Ahh yes the good old days, and we meet up at the front of the corner store. You Robert where the champion of knuckles in the town. Yeah remember that mean guy ehh what was his name, Chuck something, yeah Chuck Robinson je was he mean yeah, well nice seeing you both. Should play a game of knuckles so time, yeah bye.

March 9

100 WC Fighting madness



Once in a far far  away land there was an abounded temple that had once fought many years in battle, versing the long forgotten tecthes AKA the aliens! They had gone to war over a new planet to keep their tribes in. Soon enough they were at war, super hero’s verses aliens, one at a time they we destroying each other planets. By the third week of battle the super hero’s planed an attack to ambush from the back! So that night they did so. They flew from behind and attacked  but at the same time the aliens attacked! The battle was log from over.

March 3



Once upon a time there was a green gas that floated around and was likely to dance because he like to be and dancer and he like to do swimming and he like turtles that have the face of bob the builder so he ran away from his dancing practise and ran into the green gas and fell off a cliff and landed on house and then rolled of the house and landed on a fishing boat he thought the boat was familiar and it was it was his dads boat and he went away.