April 29

BTN Cheese School


1 They make the milk curdle by adding a mould to get milky whey and lumpy curds

2 They made Camembert cheese

3 The only place they did cheese making as a subject was in Queensland


1 Why did the only do cheese school on Queensland?

2 What is the difference between Camembert and other cheese


1 What would school be like if every school did the subject on cheese?

April 25

BTN Party Politics!


1 Both Labor and Liberal have very different ideas.

2 Want as many votes as possible.

3 they started to ask their voters what they wanted most.


1 will they keep getting more similar?

2 will they keep doing what they do best?


1 What would the parties be like if they where the exact same?

April 25

Beach Bins 100W.C.

The garbage truck was coming down Dawn st. You could hear each time it stopped getting louder and louder. Finally it got to the beach, it had not stopped at the beach for weeks. And the bins were overflowing with rubbish! The beach was all most empty, since last fortnight there was a shark spotted when the 7 news helicopter was flying over for a news report. But if the shark was not here the beach would be full of people. The last few weeks have been flawless with the weather and the water was perfect, not to rough and not to smooth.

April 19

BTN Passing a Bill


1 You have to go through both green and pink house

2 It has both people voting for the bill and against the 3bill

3 The bill still has to go back to the green room for a final vote



April 17

100W.C But it just grew and grew

I fill like there’s a hundred spiders crawling on my back. Just waiting and then all at on they bit. The pain on my back hurt so much. and then it stoped. something was growing all over me I called triple zero I knew something wasn’t right! I was just standing there waiting for the ambulance or someone to come but nothing came, no one even in site. I called again just to make sure they remembered and they were coming I could hear the ambulance coming down the street they pulled up in front and rushed in. they already new the emergence.

April 10

BTN Voting Age


1.  Bill Shorten wanted the voting age to be 16 and 17 year olds to get a say rather than just 18+

2. At the moment you have to be at least 18 years to vote

3. 400,000 18 to 24 year old didn’t vote in the last election


  1. why did they make the voting age 18 and not 20 or 30?
  2.  Why are the 18 and 24 year olds voting?


  1. What would it be like if no one ever voted?



April 6

100 W.C

I admit It! I still have Harry. You mean you still have that disgusting dirty fly! I was lying the whole time it’s because I love him. You think he is disgusting but I think he is sweet. Look I even taught him how to row a boat. You really do love that fly don’t you? Yes. Ok you can keep him, but you have to keep it in something I don’t want something flying around the house. Yes mum. That’s a good boy, its lunch time so were going to go to the fish and chip shop so come on lets go!