May 15

100WC Stairway to heaven

I took the plunge and started up the rickety old stairs. I looked down and l felt dizzy, l was just about to puke. I said to myself; “come on, keep going”. I put my two hands on the rungs and put one foot in front of the other and kept going. I looked down again and this time it was like l was floating above the lands and nearly above the clouds. I gazed up at open blue sky. I was only very few feet away from my destination. I could see the floorboards of the room. I grasped the handle of the door. I had finally made it.

May 15

BTN Selling Soccer


Every sport is at least 550$ cheaper than soccer

kids say that you may be learning skills and stuff but its still a lot of money

some very good little soccer players cant play because of the costs



Why do the junior soccer clubs make there fees so high?

Why are every other sport then soccer not as expensive?



What would it be like if soccer costs where around 200$

May 8

100WC Suddenly

I could understand why he was scared the wind was blowing the house every where! Suddenly the old house’s old TV turned on, it was a news report now! It said that there was three tornadoes around Dawes. Dawes i thought where is that oh that is only like 30 km away we need to get out of hear fast! the question, is the mountenes are on the east, wast and south side of us and the tornadoes are coming on the north side! There is only one more option and that is build a bunker out of anything we can find.