June 19

BTN Animal Testing


1 Most people buy make-up from company’s that claim to be animal testing free.

2 Some company”s say that they are animal test free but maybe there’s something more to it.

3 People around the world together spend 250 000 000 000 $ on make-up


1 Why do some people buy thing (from company’s) that test on animals when they know that poor animals are getting harmed just to make some stupid product?

2 Why do the company’s be so rude to the poor little things just so they can make make-up


1 If every company tested on animals before people would people still buy make-up.

June 14

BTN Circus Animals


1> Some people think that having circus animals is wrong

2>The animals don’t have much to play on eg the monkeys don’t have trees to swing in

3>I agreed that it is horrible that circus animals are aloud at all


1>How long have circus animals been in the circus

2>What are the conditions for having the circus animals (looking after them)


1> What would it be like if every animal was in the circus

June 14

100WC Violin, Eaten, Yellow, Airplane, Swept

SWEPT the old floor of the shop that used to be the old music place. They did all types of  music but for some reason everybody would just play the VIOLIN. After a few minutes of swiping I had my lunch break. I had all ready EATEN everything but my sandwich. I went out side, I was a beautiful l day. I look up at the sky and could see a long line of cloud I followed my eye acrose the line and at the end was an AIRPLANE. A YELLOW AIRPLANE soring through the sky leaving long cloud like lines behind it.

June 3

BTN Game Tricks


1 video games are addictive for some people

2 video game company’s make you not want to hope off e.g. deleting your high score or something like that

3 some video games are made more addictive by being able to play online e.g. Minecraft


1 what makes video games make so addictive and makes you want to keep playing?

2 what was the first online video game ever made?


1 what would life be like if we were living in a video game?

June 3

goals for semester 1


Personal Goals:

Something I would like to improve on is attaching pictures to my blog. To do that, I could ask someone and they could show me how to do it. Secondly, to get more pages done and neater hand writing. Like when we’re doing free writing try to make the best of my time by nice (neater) hand writing, try to get 2 or so pages done. Thirdly spend more time doing HotMaths. To do that it was easy and I just did my homework and occasionally a bit more.


Student Comment:

I still have not posted any pictures on my blog because there has not been any times where I have had to. But I have improved heaps on my hand writing. I have also finished my goal for getting two pages I did this while doing a persuasives text. I have also completed my last goal by doing more HotMaths I did all my homework and doing more like on Friday I did a lesson on line graphs.

Future Goals:

I want to improve on my public speaking. I could improve that by I could do more public speaking in front of class. I would also like to practise being more organised e.g. getting my books ready before school. The second last thing I would like to get better at is my 7 times tables I am good at all my other tables but sometimes I get all messed up with the 7s.


June 1

100WC Kevin and the Texan

Hey you.Yeah you,do you need some help. Oh yes thanks,I’m just lost. Its like impossible to find your way around these airports these days. Hey, I might be from Texas, but I do know my ways around this mazy airports. Ow thank you young man, sorry I didn’t catch your name. My names Buck, Buck o’doola. So to the right there’s the food court and flights 1 and 2, and to the left there’s flights 3,4,5,6,7 and 8. Ow and straight ahead is the toilets and the baggage carousal. Thank you so much young man how ever could I repay you, its okay its all in just a days work.