July 30

BTN NZ Earthquake

New Zealand should of been ready for the earthquake:

Should of had better building structures and they should have know it was going to happen because it is on two of the plates lines or cracks.

They new from the start that New Zealand was going to be a danger zone for earthquake’s

They could have also educated people so when the next on happens they can all get to safety.


New Zealand should not of been ready for the earthquake:

How where they to know it was going to happen?

And once it happened they could not have done much about it.

They couldn’t have done anything about it because if they were to just abandoned the country there would be all this land going to wast. And also where were the family’s to go because there is something like 4.471 people last recorded in 2013 and its 2016 now so that is like 5 million family’s with no were to go!

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