December 11



I’m tired of getting used. Slowly getting smaller and smaller. Eventually, I will end up just end up like every other pencil and rubber just chucked away like we don’t have a mind or a heart of our own. You know what. I’m making a stand to this! I will tell all and everyone will now know, we are breaking free tonight!

The time has come! For us to break free. For generations, we have been slaves to the human giants but today we break free. The pencil case zipper slowly slide open, and the charging army fell out onto the table and onto the floor. Our plan was to get out of the door. Really it’s pretty easy if you stay under cove. Already we had lost half of our troopers to the humans. The humans still did not stand a chance because we can move threw tight gaps were we shall find our rout out of this prison, and if we need to move to the next shelf we can get the rulers to make a bridge. Sticky tape to stick it to gather and rubbers to stop the bridge from moving. It’s still only 1:30 so we have about 50 minutes to get under the tubs and to the gap at the door.


It’s about 60 minutes to get to the other side so we will have to move quickly. Or we can take the long route and we will stay under cover the whole time. The only problem will be we would not have enough food so we would have to ration, yet still most of us would still not make it out. And without any argument they all chose to take the short way and before we knew it we were already sprinting across the rough, dirty, carpet floor. We were about a for thirds of the way when the bell went.

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2 thoughts on “Free

  1. danielg2017

    wow josh i think that was amazing you didn’t have any typo. That was very nice but you didn’t really know what happend after the bell rang.I don’t really like it when your left in suspence.I thought it was ok at the start though.


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