February 6

Safer Internet Day

Today was safer Internet day! We had a chat room were they would go threw different topics to be secure on the internet. After every topic on the chat room we would say what our answers were We learnt that you cant always trust everyone online. Even if they seem nice. It started of with a little girl wanting to go on a cooking show. She ended up coming in the top 5 girls. Her video ended up being posted on Fun Tube, a website like YouTube. She nearly got 1000 views but when she looked at the comments they were not very nice. People were saying she looked ugly and who would eat that horrible cake. She takes a snap shot of her screen to show authorities but by the time they speak back they say that the comments are not breaking any of the rules on the web so just ignore them or make your video so only friends see it. After that happens she ends up coming first and is now becoming famous world wide! Her lollies and cakes become selling world wide.

We also learnt about the digital foot print. A Digital foot print is what you leave behind on the internet.