March 28

1st 100 word challenge

But hut how could something so tiny be so fast. i was walking threw Queens park after school and i heard some rattling in the bushes. I kept walking but the rattling flowed me. So i decided to go see what it is but as soon as i got to the flower bed where it was coming from there was no moment in the bush and then zoom, down the footpath behind me and disappeared in the distance behind me. What could that have been was it a rat or a unknown creature? I thought about what that thing was as i strolled home.

March 7

Australian History


1 Some people stole so they could go to Australia and start over.

2 Once you had served your sentence you could buy land and build a farm.


1 Why did the two men just ask to go to Australia and not commit a crime?

2 Why did they just send all the prisoners in the jails to Australia to so the jails where free.


1 What happen if they did not find Australia?

March 2

Australian history home work

The difference between the aboriginals and the first fleet is that the aboriginals did not know what was happening. They thought the white people where strange things and bringing new things to the land like monsters (cows). On the white peoples point of view the thought they had just found new land and going to claim it for England before anyone else could.