April 25

BTN (Behind The News) Phone hacking


1 They try to get the news before every one else to make more money

2 Sometimes they make stuff up to make the people wont to watch

3 In London Celebrity scandals are in the news in a daily basis

1 What is the point in hacking peoples phones?

2 Why doesn’t our government make the pin codes more hard and put a stop to media hacking?


1 What would it be like if all journalists where allowed to go into anybody privets information?


April 23

100 Word Challenge

It was impossible! People where appearing from this wall! They where coming out of no where. I stuck my hand in to fell if it could go threw. I slowly put my hand threw my fingers touched the wall and tingled. They stopped! My fingers where stuck in the wall and slowly pulling me in. I tried to pull back but the force on the other side was easy beating me. Some more people came threw the wall and looked at me strangely. I reached out to try and get there help but they looked straight up and kept walking.

April 17

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

I was WORRIED, today was the day i had to give dad his birthday present but i had nothing to give him. I was running around the house looking for money or something that looked new. Nothing! On the way to school i went past an old CAMERA shop. It didnt look like it had anything that was brand new but i toke my chances. I was looking threw all the shelfes intel a man came out of now where and said what are you looking for. A camera. He take me to the back corner and said is this ok. It was a BEAUTIFUL BROWN CAMERA!