July 29

little Ania short story 2


  1. this story was about a little girl who was different to everyone else. She didn’t like eating meat and vegetables and fruits at all so when it was dinner time she just sat behind her chair and she started to get very sick from not eating
  2. She also didn’t like sleeping in her bed because little Ania loathed beds and sleeping in them because they where uncomfortable so she started to get even more sick.
  3. And she didn’t like playing with doles like all the other girls. If you did give her a doll she would rip them into little peaces and chuck them around her room and feel sad, left out, lonely.

Then when she went to hospital the doctors and nurses didn’t know what was wrong. They tried every medicine ever bit of food, dolls but nothing made her better till she just laid there. Everyone thought she was going to die!



1 The author of Little Ania hooked you in because it is not like other texts you often read. It was different and you could not tell what was going to happen next because it started with a girl who was sick because she never ate her dinner so she goes to the hospital then it goes to her eating plant pots and lamp

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1 thoughts on “little Ania short story 2

  1. tara2016

    I really liked it although I would say that for orginisation you could ad a bit more. I found ideas was very similier to mine so I thought that was good. Also next time double check because I found a mistake.


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