August 22

100 word challenge … as it came rushing towards us we…

We just kept swimming and swimming out. Mum was getting really angry now so Trish said we should go back but as i looked back the the before calm ocean a massive wave came flying at us. I quickly told the others and we all got on our boards and started paddling. The wave got faster and faster till it hit us. Mum got up surprised and looked up. For the first time ever we where all standing up on our boards. Even the little ones. The wave got smaller and smaller. That was the best wave ever we all said!

August 15

100 word challendge

       Aw we waked along the beach there started to get more and more seals.

Some where white but most where black and grey . On a rock where no other seals where we saw one little baby white seal. No other seal was there ad he was just laughing and laughing. I asked the tourist guild what is that seal doing and she said it has something wrong with it. It was no friends and just laughs all its life. And from that day flowered i have never leaved again.

August 3

100 word challenge but then the flash made me

I didn’t know what was going… thousands of glass shards came flying at us. I looked at the other kids who had their mouths on the floor. The bang was so loud and  violent that we could feel it inside the container. When the smoke went away you could see that the whole house that the little bomb was in was completely gone and all was left was bricks. The class cheered and screamed for more but miss Rainer said to be quite because we where leaving to get on the bus now. That was the best trip ever everyone said.