November 20

100 word challenge

It was another day in the park. I had gotten my coffee and the paper like usual. Except this day was different. Today i felt like i was getting watched. Every time i looked around it seemed like there was a figure in a coat. I stopped to take a seat for 15 minutes to read the paper then want to play chess. It had diapered when i sat down but when i was going home i saw it. It was out front my house. It walked up to me and pulled its coat off and in surprise it was my long lost brother.

November 16

…but where would we hide it all?…

Its here! Its all here! The map and everything. I cant believe it. guys come on what are you waiting for? Ok, ok i am coming they he said. I pulled out a massive gold necklace with little pears. We are rich, we are rich but where would we hide it all? We are only young so we cant go far, and if we do what are we going to tell our parents? We are just going to find a place to put our gold! I am shore we will find someplace he said. we only live in a small town.

November 2

100 word challenge: flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

I could hear the crowd yelling keep swimming! Keep swimming! I hit the wall for my final lap the crowd still cheering me on. Already celebrating in my head. white ribbons where flying for my country! I hit finished my final lap the crowd screaming as red flames when off. I was shocked that from such a small country had won something so big. I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow to try and win again and come first in the whole world. The swimming world.